Peterhead’s New Renewable ‘Village’

April 22, 2020

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Newfield Energy along with the backing of their Chinese investors, are currently in the planning phase to develop the new ‘Holistics Renewable Energy Park’ in Scotland. The park will be a renewable energy ‘village’ covering a large expanse of roughly 200 acres of land near Peterhead. This latest green energy project set to create 2,500 new jobs and produce 150MW of energy.

If funding and feasibility studies go as planned, ideas for the site’s green technologies include; waste and biofuel plants, power storage units, solar and wind power generation facilities. The current concept document prepared by Newfield states that the proposed development would deliver a highly ethical investment return, create green jobs whilst creating a positive environmental impact and local fuel security.

Newfield’s project takes inspiration from the Nesjavellir geothermal power station in Iceland. This plant is a combined geothermal heat and power plant (CHP), wherein it generates electricity and hot water for district heating. The station produces approximately 120 MW of electrical power; it also delivers around 1,100 litres (290 US gal) of hot water 82–85°C (180–185°F) per second – with a heating capacity of 150 MWt.

The site planned for the Holistics Renewable Energy Park will be capable of producing 150MW of green energy powering tens of thousands of homes. It is expected the project will create up to 1,500 jobs during construction and a further thousand jobs once the Park opens.

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By Elise Reid

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