What we do

  • We help our clients to implement and execute globally based projects, within energy and infrastructure
  • We offer individual specialists and teams tailored to the specific project phase and application
  • We provide a comprehensive range of client representatives within project management, engineering, construction and commissioning on a long-term secondment basis
  • We operate from offices within the US, UK, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia. Vinci group is registered in more than 100 countries
  • Our parent company is VINCI Energies with ultimate parent company VINCI Group

With over 25 years’ global experience as an energy and infrastructure industry exclusive, project management resource consultancy, our reputation is based on service.

More about our Expertise

Vinci Group


Packaged solutions

  • Commissioning (Preparation and Execution)
  • Operations & Maintenance (Engineering, LTSA)
  • Technical training
  • Assessment and project audit


Provision of technical expertise during the full project life cycle: Concept, Feed, Design, Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning, Start-up, Operations and Maintenance

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downstream and petrochemical

Structured service delivery

We align expertise to each project area and manage the redeployment of project resources throughout the project life cycle.

Attracting consultants


We operate under the VINCI Code of Conduct

  • General Principles - our policy is to strictly abide to legal rules applicable to our business and areas of operation
  • Competition and Business Practices - develop our business in accordance with the principles of fair and honest competition with all business partners
  • Behaviour - the commitment of all employees to the management values of VINCI Energies Oil & Gas is a key factor of its success

We support our Clients to complete a project to the highest safety and quality standards, in accordance with their specifications.

Quality, Health & Safety

We operate under Mentor IMC Group’s Quality and Health & Safety Management Systems accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007, including specific policies and practices such as:

  • Zero Accidents – our key objective of zero accidents is at the forefront of our activities, further prioritised by our Parent Company and regular Health and Safety awareness days
  • Country Risk Assessments – before seconding our Consultants to the project, a country specific Risk Assessment is conducted to evaluate and document potential risks
  • Consultant Safety – our first priority is to ensure the health and fitness of our selected Consultants. Then, on-boarding and meet and greet services focus heavily on their safe mobilisation and handover to project safety supervision and on site induction
  • Smart Practices – 17 smart practice rules established to foster safe working practices, zero accidents and awareness of risks and to complement those of our clients
  • HSSE Plan – Mentor has established HSSE Plans to comply with Client Health & Safety procedures, including emergency procedures and accident reporting

We support our Clients to complete a project to the highest safety and quality standards.

Safety in the workplace

The Group’s first duty is to ensure the occupational health and safety of its employees with an objective to achieve zero accidents at worksites and during work related travel. This objective applies to all Vinci employees, temporary employees and subcontractors.

This top rated objective has given rise to several programmes and tools which can be accessed by Mentor for our Consultants out in the field including:

  • Induction Programmes – a programme to welcome newcomers to the worksite including personal accompaniment
  • Personal Protective Equipment – awareness building to promote compliance in wearing of PPE
  • Risk Assessments – crossed audits
  • Compliance – monitored by implementation of audits and inspection programmes
  • Reporting – encourage Consultants to report near misses, hazards

Annual “Safety Week” where business units meet in groups to discuss a common theme.

Actemium is the brand of Vinci Energies related to the Industrial World

Actemium’s mission is to help its clients to improve their competitive advantage and industrial performance. Actemium is a network of 300 Business Units 100% dedicated to industrial process. These companies are located in 40 countries across the world, most closely with our clients.

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