Next Generation – Young Talent Program, Supporting and Growing Talent

October 18, 2023

The Next Generation – Young Talent Program, an internal training program for young graduates looking for key jobs in its business units, has been introduced by VINCI Energies in Sweden. 

Read about Christoffer’s experiences as he trains* to become a product owner for the Axians GreenEdge solution.

In order to assist businesses in measuring their carbon dioxide emissions and taking the necessary actions to minimize them, Christoffer wants to become a product owner for GreenEdge. Tracking market trends, comprehending internal requirements, and determining the marketplaces and industry sectors in which the company should continue to operate are all part of his job description.

“I do really enjoy working on sustainable development issues, but it’s also important work that can have a real impact on the environment. At Axians, while I’m far from being a fully-fledged expert, I’m learning every day and developing my skills,” says Christoffer.

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