“It’s a job I love because I get to see my thought process become a tangible result” – Milca Kouakou 

October 13, 2023

At Cegelec, the tertiary business division of VINCI Energies Côte d’Ivoire in Abidjan, Milca Kouakou works as a power supply design engineer. This young Ivorian is proud to be assisting in the growth of her nation by working on significant projects like the future tallest skyscraper in West Africa.

West Africa’s tallest skyscraper is currently under construction in Abidjan. Named Tour F, it will rise more than 300 meters and from 2024, will accommodate various Ivorian government departments. “This project is a fantastic opportunity for me. I’m working in an area I was unfamiliar with – supertall buildings,” says a delighted Milca Kouakou, a power supply design engineer at Cegelec (VINCI Energies Building Solutions).

This double passion for construction and electrical engineering can be traced back to her childhood. “My father decided to build a house,” she recalls. “I got really excited about the project as we drew up the plans. That’s where my interest in construction began. As for electrical engineering, that was a way to reconcile my passion with Physics, which my father, a university professor in the subject, had introduced me to.”

“I couldn’t do my job without strong solidarity between colleagues and the ambition to make things happen.”

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