“Thinking and acting like an entrepreneur”

June 15, 2023

Lennart Reepschläger, a project manager at Omexom Renewable Energies Offshore in Germany, oversees creative initiatives aimed at improving offshore wind turbine inspection and wind farm operation in general. He is able to make a noticeable and quick impact thanks to the VINCI Energies organizational structure, which promotes autonomy.

(Image source: VINCI Energies)

“Apart from these projects, I’m also involved in the strategic development of our new business unit and the sales activities of our solutions and services,” stresses Lennart Reepschläger. 

 “VINCI Energies business units are highly autonomous,” he notes. “Our unit can implement its own strategy with a great deal of freedom and in full confidence with VINCI Energies. Even at my level of project manager, I’m encouraged to think and act as an entrepreneur. I manage my projects independently. That means I can be flexible and adapt quickly depending on needs. That’s really motivating.”

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