Upgrade on the UNICEF* instruction program in Timor-Leste

June 8, 2023

VINCI Energies is financing a venture that aims to move forward the quality of instruction in Timor Leste by supporting schools in three regions to utilize computerized assets. As part of the program, 249 instructors within the chosen schools have taken an interest in a preparing needs evaluation conducted by UNICEF.

Since 2022, VINCI Energies has been supporting three UNICEF ventures that look to assist member schools get to the Web and the data it brings, empowering them to supply a quality half-breed learning encounter that combines computerized apparatuses with more ordinary classroom approaches.

In Timor-Leste, VINCI Energies is funding a project to prepare a few schools within the districts of Liquiçá, Ermera, and Ainaro with an Online association. This venture will guarantee more than 6,000 children matured 6 to 15 get quality instruction consolidating advanced assets.

Read more here: https://www.vinci-energies.com/en/news/update-on-the-unicef-education-programme-in-timor-leste/

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