What nations in Europe are driving the solar revolution?

June 16, 2023

In 2023, after another record-breaking year, the electricity produced by solar energy will be sufficient to supply 57% of the needs of the EU.

According to SolarPower Europe, 239 GW of new solar capacity was installed globally in 2022. The highest share in the last three years of additions came from the rooftop PV segment at 49.5%. Brazil, Italy, and Spain all saw 193%, 127%, and 105% growth in their rooftop industries, respectively.

In total, 26 nations increased their solar capacity by over 1 GW in 2022. China, the United States, India, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Japan, Poland, The Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, Italy, France, Taiwan, Chile, Denmark, Turkey, Greece, South Africa, Austria, United Kingdom, Mexico, Hungary, Pakistan, Israel, and Switzerland are some of these nations.

“Large-scale systems remained the main contributor to the total capacity, but the shares of utility and rooftop solar have not been this close to each in three years; utility-scale contributed to 50.5% of total installations and rooftop contributed to 49.5%,” said SolarPower Europe.

The utility-scale market is anticipated to grow by 51% from the previous year to 182 GW globally in 2023. 218 GW are anticipated for 2024, and subsequent growth is anticipated to reach 349 GW by 2027.

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