The winds are picking up off the Australian Coast

September 4, 2020

Australian oil and gas specialist Pilot Energy have announced that they have started a feasibility study. For the development of an 1100MW offshore wind farm off the mid-west coastal region of Western Australia. This wind farm will also form part of a combined onshore wind and solar project.

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The development of this offshore wind farm is planned to be installed at Pilot Energy’s 60% majority share WA-481-P block covering 8600 km2. Pilot have planned for a conceptual development layout for a four-stage development, comprising of 78 turbines up to 14MW in size. Under the current design the turbines can be locates at least 14km offshore and in water depth between 20-40 metres.

The project will also focus on looking at opportunities to utilise existing facilities both on and offshore to simplify the overall development and reduce footprint.

The substantial nature of the offshore opportunity in Western Australian presents the option to supply renewable hydrogen for domestic residential and industrial consumption as well as the potential to supply international markets. Playing a role in the low carbon future and sustainable low-cost energy to Western Australia.

This feasibility study from a leading Australian oil and gas company indicates a shifting industry to a renewable future.

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by Elise Reid


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