AI to revolutionise Well operations?

February 13, 2020
image via DNVGL

Baker Hughes have teamed up with to launch a new AI-based application that allows well operators to view real-time production data, more accurately predict future production and help optimise operations for improved oil and gas production rates.


The app uses machine learning to analyse historical and real time data across production operations and then compiles an extensive overview of production from wells, pipelines, distribution and points of sale. It can detect any anomalies and create prescriptive action to enhance production performance. Engineers will see the benefit as data will be far more accurate and intuitive to interpret. For example, engineers can now pinpoint exactly which injection wells to tune for higher production output.


AI such as this will allow for more precise and timely decision-making to optimise production levels to meet the growing demands of the energy sector and achieve business goals.  Advanced machine learning models create a continuous, near real-time and accurate virtual representation of production operations by generating flow rate, pressure and temperature predictions of hydrocarbon production and flow across wells, pipelines, and network assets.

Baker Hughes has announced that BCH3 is part of its “continued commitment to help the energy industry improve productivity and efficiency with enterprise-scale AI applications”. This sort of innovation is pushing the oil and gas sector forward in a positive direction and moving away from the struggling stagnant market of the years prior.

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By Harry Topham

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