CEF Energy will invest EUR 50 million in cross-border renewable energy initiatives

December 26, 2023

CINEA issued a call for Works and Studies for cross-border renewable energy (CB RES) projects on October 17. The request for submissions formally commences today, December 19, 2023, and will close on February 6, 2024.

The European Commission has approved the amended CB RES list of cross-border renewable energy projects under CEF Energy. The list, which was launched for the first time in August 2022, presently includes five projects relevant to seven Member States.

These are the projects:

  • ELWIND: an offshore wind park shared by Estonia and Latvia.
  • GOERLITZ ZGORZELEC: a RES-based cross-border district heating grid connecting Germany and Poland.
  • CICERONE: a project in Italy, Spain, and Germany to generate renewable electricity for the conversion, transport, and usage of green hydrogen in the Netherlands and Germany.
  • SLOWP: an offshore wind power project in the Riga Gulf.
  • ULP-RES WP: an on-shore wind park located in northern Latvia and southern Estonia.

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Source: https://cinea.ec.europa.eu/news-events/news/cef-energy-eur-50-million-support-cross-border-renewable-energy-projects-2023-12-19_en

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