Cédric Dufossé, an industrial refrigeration installer, making way for the next generation     

August 10, 2023

Cédric Dufossé is an expert in his field as an industrial refrigeration installer at CEF Industrie in Boulogne-sur-Mer. This seasoned expert enjoys imparting his wisdom to the younger generations.

“My work involves starting up systems that have been sized by the design office and improving their efficiency. It requires a lot of patience.”    

The energy savings are substantial; for instance, keeping a machine running efficiently at -7 °C when it normally operates at -9 °C can result in annual electricity savings of 4%. 

“After ten years, I wanted to get my career change underway by returning to my initial training as a refrigeration specialist,” he explains. “At technical college, I was good at maths, physics, and chemistry, so my teachers advised me to go into the refrigeration industry, a good source of employment. I was more tempted by electricity but I found my way in the end: in this job, 80% of activities are of an electrical nature.”

VINCI has always emphasized the importance of teamwork in completing all of its projects. Cédric Dufossé believes strongly in team spirit, as evidenced by his four-year involvement as a representative on the company’s social and economic committee, an employee representative body.“This means I can be in contact with the business unit manager, other technicians, and the rest of the staff. Since the lines of communication are kept open in the company, it is rewarding when you can move things forward for employees.”

Cédric Dufossé hopes to carry out his installation work over the coming years and support youth even more, “so as to make way for the next generation.”

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