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Client Assignment Approval

Mentor ensures that each aspect of the service scope is clearly understood and defined. Mentor will provide as part of our client commercial proposal submission a ‘service scope responsibility matrix’. This provides clarity as to service function and responsibility levels to be provided by both Mentor and the Client.

Mentor manages client commercial risk by including service costs within our commercial proposal thus the client is fully aware of all service costs at time of order commitment.

Upon receipt by Mentor of authorisation to proceed with the mobilisation of specialists to the client’s project, Mentor will seamlessly manage the on-boarding and delivery process to the client’s project location.


Pre Assignment Process


Mentor provides its services on a global basis. Consequently, the health and inoculation requirements for our project specialists to be assigned need to be comprehensively assessed and carefully managed.

Mentor will ensure that our project specialists are certified as being ‘fit for purpose’ prior to travel. We will facilitate that medical examinations will take place in accordance with established international medical parameters and client specifications.

As part of this medical assessment period pre-assignment drug and alcohol screening in accordance with internationally recognised standards and specifications will be offered.


Mentor is familiar with hazardous location training and as necessary offshore work environment certification (e.g. BOSIET, HUET).


Mentor has extensive experience in the global mobilisation of Oil and Gas professionals to many different locations. As a result of our everyday activities we are familiar with the visa requirements and working and living conditions of locations that which our project specialists may be assigned to.

Mentor offers our extensive knowledge and experience in these matters and is ‘risk averse’ in ensuring full legislative compliance.

Mentor is able to act as ‘Employer/Visa Sponsor’ and manage the entire employment visa application process for our assigned project specialists and where applicable, accompanying dependent relatives.


Mentor recognises the health and well-being of our staff as essential. We provide our project specialists (and accompanying family members) with personal accident, travel and first class medical insurance and SOS repatriation insurance on a worldwide basis.

We are also able to extend coverage to dependents where applicable, as well as a range of supplementary insurance services. Our client is ‘risk minimised’ and value maximised as Mentor is fully conversant with international risks associated with onshore and offshore environments where Mentor manages every aspect of the insurance process and has robust cover in place.


Mobilisation and Consultant Logistics

Mentor is extensively experienced in the deployment of project specialists on a worldwide basis and consequently, is familiar with the need to minimize disruption to Clients project schedules.

We minimise unnecessary client involvement and maximise value to our client by utilising our experience and robust company procedures and expertise to seamlessly manage each stage of the mobilisation and ‘on-boarding’ process of an individual, team and accompanying dependents.

Mentor provides its project specialists with a comprehensive range of support services associated with international assignments, including ‘in-country’ briefing and local custom details; advice on school availability; advice on housing; transport; and other material details as may be required.

Mentor is experienced in providing ‘Meet & Greet’ services for Project specialists and family members where assigned to international locations.

Mentor will utilise local ‘on the ground’ support staff to assist with the transition process for new arrivals to particular foreign locations where this may be needed.


Mentor is widely experienced in globally managing the travel arrangements of our project specialists and dependents.

Our in-house travel service experience is comprehensive and extends to the handling of complex project logistical and travel requirements including offshore assignment roster personnel movements for an entire project.

Mentor is able to undertake the facilitation of mobilisation and demobilisation of project specialists to global onshore and offshore locations and will offer value and cost savings to a client by the appointment of an in-house project travel coordinator.


Mentor can arrange for project accommodation where Mentor will act as the single point of contact for the arrangement of housing rental on behalf of our client frequently for project team scenarios. We are therefore able to leverage discounted serviced accommodation rental agreements providing cost savings to our client.

Car Hire

Mentor offers a car hire service contract facility thus ensuring that vehicles are provided to cater for the specific local environmental and security conditions (with or without drivers) fully in accordance with client safety and security policies.

Mentor will act as the single point of contract with the car rental company providing cost savings to our client.


Taxation & Payroll Administration

Mentor operates efficient payroll management systems to ensure that its assignees are suitably protected and properly paid for services performed in international locations. Mentor is experienced in supporting our clients’ outsourced international payroll operations where we are able to facilitate the support of client-nominated project specialists.

Mentor is experienced in managing the administration of income tax payments and the structuring of arrangements fully compliant with local legislation and utilises the services of internationally-recognised professional advisors where necessary.


Mentor is experienced in managing the administration of international payroll systems across continents and associated project specialist’s personal income tax planning and payments.


We work closely with external high quality tax advisors to ensure full host country legislative compliance and also to optimise tax-planning opportunities for our project specialists.

Our client is assured that tax risk is removed since Mentor will fully manage and administer all aspects of payroll and associated host country income tax requirements.

Mentor provides true cost savings to our client as we ensure that the accurate computation of taxes and observance of legislation is maintained at all times.


Site Visits

Mentor recognises the value in face-to-face meetings with its clients site located project organisation and Mentor project assigned specialists, irrespective of the location of the site.

It is usual for representatives of Mentor to meet with the client and the project specialist individual or ‘team’ wherever they are deployed.

Our clients and project specialists benefit from ‘Mentor visibility’ and we find the first-hand knowledge gained invaluable.

We believe that site visits on an international basis are most valuable to the client, the project specialist and Mentor.


Performance Assessment

As part of Mentor’s Quality Management Programme, a performance assessment is undertaken of our services provided to our clients. This entails dialogue with our client line management level operatives to establish metrics to value assess not only individual project specialist capability but also, to enable our clients to benchmark individual service rates.

We customarily agree with our client a range of KPI’s at the outset of the service contract from ongoing statistical data and feedback can be exchanged between our client and ourselves.

We believe this is also most valuable in assessing the value of individual project specialist’s professional performance.


Site Demobilisation

Mentor will monitor the status of client’s project completion and will coordinate with the client the demobilisation to point of origin of our project specialists.

Mentor will also liaise with the client to ensure that a smooth transition process shall take place relating to the withdrawal of the project specialist in accordance with client schedules.

Mentor will ensure clearance is received for all project, client property and financial matters pertaining to project specialists provided by Mentor.

In circumstances where host country assignments have taken place, the essential issues of personal income tax, visas, accommodation lease completion, interim accommodation, movement of personal effects will also be managed as part of the demobilisation process.

The value of Mentor coordination of the demobilisation process provides assurance to the client, mentor and the individual with value and comfort that all legislative and commercial areas of risk are addressed.


Client Assignment Close-Out

Upon completion of assignment Mentor will administer the close out of the assignment so as to ensure that all aspects have been properly addressed thus avoiding potential contractual administrative delays.

Our client can be assured that no ‘loose ends’ will be left and that Mentor will act in a most professional manner in terms of ensuring financial and operation issues are completely addressed so as to ensure that our client is able to conclude the final account process.

Mentor will separately implement our ‘completion check list’ procedure which addresses the disengagement of an assigned individual ensuring that essential taxation and immigration documentation is properly handled and completed.

This provides assurance to the client, mentor and individual concerned that all aspects of the assignment have been taken care of.

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