Mentor are experts in providing the Resources and Expertise required by our Clients at every stage of the Project Life-cycle

Feed and Conceptual Design

Mentor will provide carefully selected and highly skilled project specialists to assist the client to enhance the concept selection process ensuring that a ‘fit for purpose’ cost-effective solution is found taking into account global and local environmental and legislative requirements. This provides a sound foundation for the project to commence with the detailed engineering design.

  • Feasibility / pre-FEED engineering / FEED
  • Value engineering and future EPC tender process
  • Conceptual and front end engineering studies
  • FEED studies
  • Preparation budget for work, contractor scope of work (engineering, environmental, safety, and geotechnical)
  • Invitation to tender, bid clarification, contract negotiation and award
  • Cost input to project economics, to support discussions with partners
  • Recruitment of project team for FEED


Detailed Engineering

Mentor is an internationally recognised source for multi-disciplined project expertise within all areas of engineering design.

We offer specialist assistance during the detailed engineering phase of projects. A broad discipline range of professional engineering specialists can be deployed to undertake our clients’ objectives tailored to the specific requirements of offshore and onshore projects.

All aspects of design engineering and procurement interfaces are supported, which may involve the development, specification, selection, negotiation, witness, testing and post contract award supervision whether required at ‘design house’ location, vendor’s works or international site based environments.


Project Services

Mentor can provide project managers and advisors who will represent our clients’ interests in undertaking the management, supervision and execution of project activities with regard to commercial and technical contractual obligations and responsibilities.

Mentor is able to assist our clients in the trouble-shooting of problem areas; to augment an existing client organisation and can also undertake independently managed project tasks.

All of Mentor’s services are provided on a strictly confidential basis.

  • Maintain project management system and management and administration procedures
  • Provision of an integrated cost, planning activities
  • Management of the project risk register and facilitation of risk management process
  • Preparation of the monthly reports
  • Maintaining control on project schedule and budget
  • Identification of risks and their potential impact on project schedule and budget
  • Production of monthly reports, and control models/ schedules
  • Preparing and awarding contracts for engineering study work

Implementation of planning, budgets and control procedures including:

  • Development of life cycle estimate
  • Providing cost and schedule data


Mentor IMC Projects

Mentor IMC Projects is a recently established division within Mentor IMC Group created to provide oil and gas consultancy services to emerging energy sector technologies such as Shale Gas, Floating LNG (FLNG) technologies.

‘Mentor IMC Projects’ provides high quality professional consultancy services within this energy sector segment to assist our clients to develop, resource and execute their projects on a global basis.


Contracts and Procurement

Contracts, Procurement, Expediting, Inspection and Materials Management

Mentor can assist in establishing a complete procurement and materials management organisation, which may include purchasing, expediting, inspection and material control functions.

Our services also include the supply of senior contracts and purchasing specialists who can undertake independent bid evaluation and purchasing recommendation activities and the subsequent post order award activities both situated in-house or at designated ‘field’ locations.

  • Contract formulation
  • Post award contract management
  • ITT preparation
  • Tender formulation and administration
  • Evaluation
  • Negotiation of contractual and commercial terms
  • Award recommendations and contract formulation



Mentor understands the critical importance to meet health, safety, security and environmental standards to ensure that HSSE issues are fully identified and complied with on behalf of the client and stakeholders. The primary areas of consideration within HSSE discipline, which Mentor provides to our clients includes:

  • Perform technical safety to encompass development and update of safety cases, combined operations safety cases, major accident prevention documents and environmental statements
  • Establish and ensure that effective health and safety systems are in place and they are being consistently implemented
  • Undertake corporate governance to provide liaison with government departments to obtain HSE related licenses and consents
  • Provide emergency response management in conjunction with crisis and emergency response specialists
  • Conducting health and safety surveillance audits
  • Arranging emergency exercise programmes
  • Conduct incident investigations per client expectations and apply corrective actions for follow up
  • Lead risk assessments, safety studies and safety reviews to identify and manage design, construction, commissioning and operational hazards
  • Liaise with regulatory bodies where appropriate
  • Implement health and safety training
  • Assess project security standards and make recommendations in accordance with local conditions
  • Develop and implement environmental standards and specifications in accordance with international codes

Mentor operates an accredited occupation health and safety management system in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007



Mentors provides construction management specialists to ensure that all aspects of constructability are incorporated within design and that the ongoing fabrication, erection and testing is completed in accordance with the international standards, codes and contract specification.

In terms of construction management, we understand the essential criteria to our clients, for which Mentor project specialists are able to provide as follows:

  • Review of contractor execution plans to confirm scope, feasibility and execution provides the ability to meet the overall company project schedule and the key project milestones
  • Lead technical evaluation of contractors’ construction and installation capabilities, experience and facilities as part of bid evaluation to ensure that they were in line with company    expectations
  • Conduct detailed negotiations with potential contractors on behalf of clients leading to contract award
  • Monitoring of contractor performance from engineering phase through fabrication and construction and eventual offshore installation
  • The review of construction engineering to ensure facilities design is consistent with sound, proven safe, construction methods, procedures and practices.


Quality Management

Mentor provides quality assurance and vendor surveillance (certification) specialists integrated into the design, procurement, construction and completion of projects.

The primary areas of consideration within quality management which Mentor provides to our clients include:

Quality assurance and quality control management function responsible for ensuring that the intent from the basis of design and associated engineering deliverables is delivered by developing and implementing quality control and quality assurance processes to ensure technical integrity is maintained through to the operating phase of the development which includes:

  • Implementation of quality management system from conceptual engineering phase through to construction, commissioning and start-up stage
  • Assessment of quality performance
  • Manage quality processes
  • Manage internal and external audits
  • Manager information management and document control systems
  • Set up quality awareness programme
  • Coordination of certification requirements

Mentor operates an accredited quality management system in accordance with ISO9001:2008


Commissioning Completions

Scoping and planning of the onshore and offshore commissioning activities, as applicable, are based on a system priority basis as a ‘backwards pass’ first oil and gas target date, so as to ensure that construction and commissioning activities are driven by the project completion date.

Mentor recognises the criticality of early integration of system completion involvement into our clients projects in order to maximise early start of the system completion process, mechanical completion, handover to commissioning and turnover to operations.

Mentor is able to rapidly deploy a dedicated range of experienced, commissioning, system and mechanical completion specialists on a ‘complete package’ basis to include:

  • Senior commissioning managers and coordinators
  • Lead commissioning engineers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • System completion engineers
  • System completion administrators
  • Mechanical completion engineers
  • Permit to work coordinators
  • Lead commissioning technicians
  • Commissioning technicians
  • Operations advisors
  • Training specialists

Operations and Maintenance

Mentor will provide carefully selected and highly skilled project specialists to effectively manage and maintain the development, to achieve safe operation and constantly maximise ‘up time’.

The essential areas for client consideration within operations management for which Mentor project specialists will consider encompass the following:

  • Operations input to concept and design for projects
  • Cost and management analysis of existing operating assets both on and offshore
  • Due diligence and regulatory liaison
  • Analysis of brownfield development opportunities
  • Establishment of an emergency response procedures
  • Management of technical audits to ensure future commercial and technical operability
  • Trouble-shooting production operational problem areas, analysis of existing and new field options and associated managerial activities


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