CV Guidance

The following text is guidance only – please feel free to send your CV even if it doesn’t meet some (or any) of the guidelines below – it’s always great to hear from Consultants in the Energy and Infrastructure industries.

Mentor processes tens of thousands of CVs a year, and to help our staff get the best possible fit between our Consultants and our Clients we use CV parsing software to look for key skills and work histories.

Our CV Parsing software is extremely advanced, but following some simple rules will ensure the maximum chance that all of your information is successfully extracted.

All CV’s sent to Mentor will ultimately get reviewed, but to ensure that your CV gets processed in the most efficient way, and entered straight onto our system, please try to adhere to these simple rules:

Please use Microsoft Word wherever possible – PDFs are acceptable, but they sometimes format text in a way which makes it harder to extract. Please try to avoid using tables or columns if possible for the same reason.

Please put your personal information at the top of the CV, preferably on individual lines, for example:


Use Common Words for your section headers and once again, keep the headers simple for example: Work History, Training, Education, Key Skills

In your Work History, each of your previous positions should be presented in a consistent manner, treat multiple positions at the same company as individual jobs and please list any work history with the most recent job first then work backwards (reverse chronological order).

For each job please include:

Name of Employer:
Dates, both Start and End: (if still active, say so, eg Dec 2016 – Present)
Job Title:
Job Description: You can include skills gained here, but also add any Key Skills to a separate section

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