Omexom Undertakes Vital Infrastructure Renewal Along Whanganui River

March 20, 2024

Omexom has recently been tasked, by Powerco, with the responsibility of replacing the aging towers situated along the banks of the Whanganui River, New Zealand’s third-longest river.

In addition to its role as a crucial artery for electricity transmission, the Whanganui River holds deep cultural significance for the local Māori iwi (tribes). Its name translates to “big bay” or “big harbour” in Māori, reflecting its importance as a source of sustenance and transport for centuries.

The towering structures that have graced the riverbanks since the 1960s stand as a testament to New Zealand’s engineering prowess, but their age now necessitates a modern overhaul to ensure uninterrupted power supply to Whanganui’s bustling urban center. They serve as conduits for electricity to various critical locations such as Whanganui Hospital and council buildings.

Having reached the end of their operational lifespan, the towers are in need of replacement, and Omexom has been chosen to undertake this task. The scope of the project involves constructing new foundations, installing new towers, and upgrading the power lines to enhance production capacity and fortify the resilience of the Whanganui power supply network.

Commencing in November 2023, the project is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2024.

Omexom’s selection for this ambitious project underscores its reputation for excellence in infrastructure development and commitment to sustainable energy solutions. As the global demand for renewable energy continues to rise, this endeavor represents a significant step towards fortifying New Zealand’s energy infrastructure for a greener future. With construction underway, the project promises not only to improve generation capacity, but also to help preserve the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Whanganui River for future generations.

Omexom is a VINCI Energies’ brand specialised in electrical power generation, transmission, transformation and distribution.

Mentor is a part of the VINCI Group, with over 25 years of global experience as an energy and infrastructure industry exclusive, project management resource consultancy, our reputation is based on service.

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