Tenacity and independence at work

January 5, 2024

As a project engineer, Mulija Sikira Lokvancic just joined VINCI Energies Belgium. The young Bosnian’s life plan in her adopted nation can now be fulfilled thanks to this initial post.

Mulija Sikira Lokvancic was eventually able to travel to Bosnia and visit her family in May 2023, more than 18 months after arriving in Belgium. This 25-year-old project engineer at VINCI Energies Belgium had to go through a lengthy and time-consuming process to secure her Belgian visa and work authorization.  

“Throughout this difficult time, VINCI Energies was fantastic, supporting me and waiting for my application to be accepted so they could hire me,” she says.

“The first time I went to a supermarket on my own, Flemish, I panicked because the people in the supermarket didn’t speak English. That was the day I decided to boost my skills in Flemish as a way to respect this country, its people and its culture, and to be independent.” In a matter of months, Mulija Sikira Lokvancic had mastered both languages.

When it comes to training, the young engineer is extremely demanding. She is beginning a French language course this fall in order to improve interactions with her manager in Brussels. Her long-term goal is to work as a project manager and head her own team. 

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