“Gaining a comprehensive view of IT-related environmental issues”

November 22, 2023

VINCI Energies is working to tighten supplier standards and extend equipment lifespan in an effort to lessen the impact of its IT operations. When it’s feasible, repairs are done methodically. The head of information systems, Dominique Tessaro, clarifies.

What contribution does the VINCI Energies IS department (VESI) play in encouraging the group to adopt a circular economy approach?

Since 2008, VESI has been in charge of all IT operations for VINCI Energies and has been overseeing the daily maintenance of the equipment utilized by our 80,000 users across more than 57 countries. The department is a member of a decentralized organization that consists of 60 business lines, 5 divisions, and 1,900 business units that have been operating in their respective regions for a long time. By 2030, VINCI Energies wants to reduce its CO2 emissions by 40%, and by 2050, it wants to be carbon neutral. 

“If a problem is detected, we fix it.”

Extending the lifespan of equipment is the main component of the IS department’s approach. The average frequency of workstation renewals was increased from three to three and a half years, then four, and finally five years. There are no boundaries these days. For the 600 workers in the department, there is an incentive requirement in situations

Mentor is a part of the VINCI Energies group following the footsteps of the VINCI group in Energy sufficiency, ecological transition, and digital transformation.

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