Devoted to providing refugees with a “fair-e” opportunity to follow a career path

July 6, 2023

Charlotte Renault, an ambassador, and mentor for the VINCI Foundation, has decided to support the organization, which recently opened Fair-e, a neighborhood restaurant on the Island of Nantes that aims to provide a path for refugees to find employment.

Source: VINCI Energies

She has been familiar with the foundation since the start of her career at VINCI Energies ten years ago. “VINCI Energies provides a range of opportunities for carrying out charitable activities, and the VINCI Foundation is one of these opportunities. Through it I’ve found projects that fit my schedule and match causes that are important to me,” she says.

The VINCI Foundation gave Al.Ma a check for €15,000 at the end of 2022 to help with the Fair-e restaurant’s expansion. As a mentor, Charlotte contributes her HR knowledge, assists with restaurant setup, and collects donations.

“You never know when you, or anyone, might need a second chance. So it seemed obvious to me to give some of my time to others without expecting anything in return!” concludes Charlotte.

The French word “faire” means “to make or do.”

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