Restoring the natural landscape, flora, and fauna, as well as cultural heritage

April 18, 2023

32 steel lattice towers and 7.8 kilometers of the overhead line between Killin substation and Lix Toll are being removed thanks to the assistance of the Omexom business units TOHL and Substations. A 132 kV underground cable will take the place of this existing infrastructure. 

The Omexom TOHL team will provide and install a new wooden cable end structure for this project, and once the new cable is operational, they will take down the 8 km of existing overhead lines. Two 132 kV cable circuits’ digital connections will be protected by design and installation by the Omexom Substation team.

This is a component of a UK-wide initiative to replace outdated infrastructure in sensitive areas with new links in order to preserve these priceless landscapes’ natural beauty and protect their fauna and cultural heritage.


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