TotalEnergies Tyra Redevelopment

March 13, 2023

With the redevelopment of the Tyra field, a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions is the goal. For almost 40 years, Denmark’s energy infrastructure has been centred on the Tyra field. The Tyra field’s facilities, which are 225 kilometers off Denmark’s west coast, are important, processing more then 90% of Denmark’s gas production.

The reservoir’s natural subsidence has forced its redevelopment, which is an opportunity to secure and reenergize production. The new Tyra II will be able to minimize its environmental impact and maximize its energy efficiency thanks to the cutting-edge technologies employed.

The Tyra gas field has provided the majority of the nation’s gas production since 1984 when production on the platform began.

Significant investment was needed due to subsidence on the field, and this allowed an opportunity to also increase efficiency and take advantage of the latest technological developments in condition and performance monitoring.  The views of workers were also taken into account to ensure that as well as safety and efficiency, the creation of more modern offshore facilities now provides a better environment for the crew.

Tyra’s redevelopment achieves two goals at once: it will build a cutting-edge facility that will increase the safety and well-being of its employees and revive its production and export capacity at lower emissions, ensuring a steady supply of gas that will contribute to the energy security of Denmark and the EU for decades to come.

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