“I’m now more confident in myself and more precise, and I’ve increased my technical knowledge.”  – Ornella Aleccia 

February 27, 2024

For the past year, Ornella Aleccia has benefited from internal training programs, support from her managers and coworkers, and her position as facilities manager at VINCI Facilities Italia. 

Everything contributed to her increased sense of accountability and self-assurance.

Ornella Aleccia has experienced a formative four years. This youthful, 27-year-old Politecnico di Milano engineering graduate began working as a facility manager for VINCI Facilities Italia in October 2022, after spending more than three years at a company that specialized in building equipment.

“As a project engineer,” she says, “I learned a lot in that first job about the practical aspects of the construction business, through using building management systems and also in the field”.

Ornella Aleccia’s first significant client was a sizable business that specialised in international freight transportation. She oversaw emergency repairs as well as routine maintenance for twelve of the transport group’s warehouses, the most of which were located in northern and central Italy.

“This contract, which came with major responsibilities for me, concluded in June 2023, having helped me understand the various aspects of the business, with its obviously highly technical dimension, but also with an extremely important emphasis on relationships,” she says. 

“I’m now more confident in myself and more precise, and I’ve increased my technical knowledge.”

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