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Construction Project Manager

CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER required by our client, to be hired on a contract basis, located in Toronto, Canada.  
Duration: 20 Months  
  • Our Client is seeking a Construction Project Manager.
  • This hands-on full -time permanent position reports to the Operations Manager.
  • Your primary responsibilities will be to provide direction and ensure delivery of the projects in accordance with customer contracted requirements.  
  • Progress against established schedules and milestones.  
  • Ensure project meetings are held on a regular basis.
  • Interface with customer or company contractors to deliver agreed upon products and services.
  • Work with sub-contractors/trades, tracking hours, dealing with day to day issues.
  • Monitor project material costs and labour to ensure expected revenue and GM's are maintained.
  • Ensure delivery of contracted goods meet scheduling and budget.
  • Implement and maintain processes and procedures for Project Management group.
  • Manage all change requests ensuring that all cost and schedule impacts are accounted for and ensure on-time project completion.
  • Provide the team with the tools and training to do the job well.
  • Review and evaluate technical work, delegate authority, interpret directives and issue instructions and other guidelines.
  • Provide senior management with cost forecasts, schedules, safety reports as well as critical site activities.
  • Provide feedback on design, contracts strategy and sub-contractors performance.
  • Responsible for any issue resolution pertaining to subcontractors and purchase orders.
  • Maintain positive relationships with the owner, architects, subcontractors and the entire project team.
  • Act as liaison with authorities and regulatory agencies.
  • Civil P. Eng. or college degree.
  • Previous experience with MTO/Municipal/Metrolinx transportation projects, bridges, roads.
  • Previous experience with private owners of buildings, parking garages and other industrial facilities for rehabilitation and strengthening.
  • Previous experience dealing with government agencies.
  • Proven Project Management skills, highly organized, goal oriented, sense of urgency, detail oriented and able to manage changing priorities.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong leadership skills, ability to motivate teams.
  • Class G license, clean drivers abstract.
  • Previous experience with Excel and MS Project.
  • Flexibility to work overtime as required.
  • Previous experience negotiations in a highly competitive market.
  • Possess an innovative approach to further continuous improvement.
  • Strong leadership skills, ability to motivate teams.
Job Ref: 8699
Toronto, Canada

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer required by our client, to be hired on a permanent basis, Located in Nigeria.
  • As Chief Financial Officer - Analyse the expenses of the structures / cost centres compared to the initial budgets and alerts the concerned persons on the observed discrepancies.      
  • Supervise all Financial aspects.
  • Supervise accounting activity.
  • Guarantee the proper application of taxation.
Financial Aspects  
  • Plans, coordinates, and fits the workload of the departments.
  • Conducts summary financial analyses and coordinate the preparation of all reports of the company for internal use (management and shareholder)
  • Reports financial results, budgets and corporate finance policy to the company's Executive Committee.
  • Supports the deployment of accounting and management tools retained by the shareholder, ensures the maintenance of existing applications in the meantime.
  • In the context of investments, plans depreciation plans and associated financing needs, monitors the return on investment.
  • As a Business partner, participates in the preparation of responses to calls for tender related to the Business Development Department and the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Checks the solvency of customers, in case of risk, informs the CEO and the Business Development Department.
  • Interfaces with the external control bodies appointed by the shareholders.      
Accounting Aspects
  • Oversees the whole accounting department (general accounting, customers, suppliers ...)
  • Follows the evolution of legislation in the field of accounting, enforces the group standards.
  • Responsible for the return of consolidation packages in the respect of quality and deadlines.
  • Ensures consistency of data from quarterly orders with the latest budget forecasts.
  • Guarantee the proper application of taxation.
  • Ensures the preparation of tax returns and the procedures that contribute to their formatting.
  • Follows the evolution of legislation and regulations in the tax area.
  • Ensures relations with the tax administration.  
  • Manages the budget process.
  • Prepares the initial budget and quarterly forecast.
  • Assists managers and project managers in the preparation and monitoring of budgets, monitors the performance of worksites through monthly analyses of their achievements.
  Pilot the Treasury
  • Oversees the company's cash flow monitoring, forecasts.
  • Manages common banking relationships.
  • Prepares and submits the relevant guarantee / bond documentation to the group manager in charge of guarantees issuance.
  • Follows and documents the evolution of the working capital needs of the company.
  • Monitors exposure to currency risk and proposes appropriate treatments.    
  • In charge of the internal control and interface of the external control.
  • Follow-up of procedures: ensures the correct implementation and application of group guidelines and best practices within the entity.
  • Ensures the effective implementation of anti-fraud principles and procedures.    
  • Manages and develops his team.
  • Ensures the recruitment of the necessary staff in collaboration with the Human Resources Department.
  • Coordinates the activities of the staff members.
  • Ensures the training and development of staff members, according to individual and collective objectives.
Basic skills  
  • Privacy
  • Rigor and total integrity
  • Sense of organization
  • Strength of proposal
  • Responsiveness  
  • Academic qualifications or equivalent Bachelors and master's degree in accounting or other finance-related studies.
  • 10+ years of progressively financial responsibility and at least 5 years of experience as CFO / Finance Director in a multinational company.  
  • The added advantages Experience ideally in an international industrial group or in the construction.
Job Ref: 8695

Lead Project Engineer

LEAD PROJECT ENGINEER, required by our client, to be hired on a permanent basis, located in the Middle East.  
  • Lead the development of the Polyolefin Process Units Technology License Tenders.
  • Review FEED Contractor Invitation to Tenders Documents and provide comments, ensure that Technical, Unpriced Commercial, Economics, and Commercial aspects are included in the Technology Licenses questionnaires.
  • Manage the Polyolefin Process Units Technology License Tenders Evaluation.
  • Review FEED Contractor Technology NPV Calculations, and ensure that the most technically acceptable technology, at the most competitive price, meeting the execution requirements of Petrochemical Project and provide DRPIC with appropriate technical support during the Facility life cycle is selected.
  • Ensure clear demarcation of responsibilities and accountabilities between DRPIC, Services Provider, and Client.
  • Develop the procurement strategy of the Polyolefin Products Containers Mobile Equipment Handling.    
  • Lead the development of the Polyolefin Process Units Scope of Work Package, and the EPC Invitation to Tender.
  • Review and provide comments to FEED Contractor Engineering Deliverables and ensure that Design Hazard Management approach is being applied by Contractor and Major Process Hazards Risks are reduced to As Low as Reasonably Practicable.
  • Lead the EPC Contractors pre-qualification, EPC Invitation to Tender, Tender Clarification and Evaluation, and development of the Evaluation Report and Recommendation of Award.   
  • Responsible for the Process Design Packages, FEED engineering, detailed engineering development, procurement, construction, commissioning, start up and performance test runs of the Polyolefin Process Units.
  • Uses schedule management, quality management, safety management and cost management processes to influence the development phase for success.
  • Coordinate with other Lead Project Engineers, and Third-Party Services Provider in addressing DPP internal interfaces and ensure that interfaces are well defined in the EPC Scope of Work packages.  
  • Contribute to development of project plans, project budget, cost estimates and project strategies.
  • Provide input and data to ESIA and QRA Contractors appointed by DRPIC, and ensure that recommendations are addressed in the FEED and subsequent EPC execution phase.  
  • Manage related contracts including progress, performance, HSSE and work qualify. This includes expediting material delivery and attending technical and commercial meetings with contractors.
  • Review and provide input on engineering drawings. Ensure technical requirements defined, in related, contracts are properly incorporated in the engineering deliverables.
  • Manage and facilitates communication across the DPP areas (Steam Cracker, Process Units Area 2, Utilities & Offsite) functions to ensure that the project's objectives are met.
  • Coordinates internal and external project reviews and contribute to these reviews.
  • Support the Cost Control and DPP forecasting activities; comply with Management of Change.
  • Monitor the execution of the quality assurance program for conformance to project requirements.
  • Review Contractors Claims, prepare assessment and recommendation to DPP Management Team.
  • Coordinate settlement of internal and external commercial claims and technical issues.  
  • Monitor projects performance against baselines and milestones, identify negative trends and items of concern, and ensure that corrective actions/recovery plans are taken.
  • Prepare regular and adhoc management information reports and analyses; on project progress including the contractor performance, progress measure methodology, and contractual claims.
  • Manage Right-First Time Program execution, and prepare progress reports.
  • Manage the Projects Risk Register, and ensure that mitigation measures are implemented on time to address the identified Risks.
  • Manage the development of the Projects Lessons Learned Register and ensure that Project Management Teams are acquainted with the latest Register.
  • Conduct weekly project review meetings.
  • Produce project weekly & monthly reports.
  • Other duties as requested from time to time.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Process, Chemical, or Mechanical, Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemistry, or Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from an accredited university.  
Minimum Experience  
  • A minimum of 15 years total engineering, or operation experience in developing Polyolefin petrochemical facilities.
  • Out of which at least 5 years in project management; engineering, construction commissioning, start up, and operation of Polyolefin (PE, or PP).
  • Polyolefin (PE, or PP) Operation Experience.  
  • Knowledge, Skills & Attributes:
  • Possess a broad understanding of the major design engineering disciplines, i.e., Piping, Equipment, Process, Civil/Structural, Instrumentation, and Electrical.
  • Basic understanding of continuous flow chemical/physical processes typical of hydrocarbon processing, hydrogen production, and/or air separation.  
  • Effective leadership skills.
  • Effective computer skills; Microsoft Office Software and other Company and discipline specific software applications.
  • Effective communication skills both verbally and in writing with superiors, colleagues, and individuals inside and outside the Company.
  • Effective analytical and problem-solving skills.
Job Ref: 8659
Middle East

Project Director

PROJECT DIRECTOR required by our client, to be hired on a permanent basis, located in the Middle East.
  • Contribute to the successful implementation of DPP by managing petrochemical development.
  • Plan and complete tasks in the project implementation and future operational phases of DPP.
  • Responsible for the representation of DRPIC's and DPP's overall business interest.
  • Responsible to communicate and cooperate with relevant organisations within and outside of OOC and KPC Groups to perform the specific tasks listed below.
  • Responsible for knowledge transfer in DRPIC regarding his special areas of expertise and experience to develop resources required for development.
DPP Specific
  • Responsible for budget, schedule and scope, as well as HSE aspects of DPP.
  • Manage DPP Team and lead DPP's project planning and project implementation activities to bring the Project to completion.
  • Lead and manage the activities of the DPP sub-teams.
  • Identify, develop and execute overall project implementation strategy including but not limited to operations, sales, partnership and HR strategies.
  • Design and build DPP's organisation.
  • Manage the identification, development and execution of DPP strategies and ensure the consistency between overall project implementation strategy and operations, commercial and partnership strategies.
  • Manage the interface between Refinery and DPP Teams.
  • 15-year experience in petrochemical industry
  • 5-year experience in strategy and business development in petrochemical industry
  • 10-year managerial experience
  • 10-year business management experience
Knowledge, Skills & Attributes
  • Degree in chemistry or in chemical engineering and in commerce or business administration (combination is advantage)
    • In depth knowledge of and hands-on experience with petrochemical and refinery projects in Oman
    • Proven managerial track record
    • Must have the potential to lead the future activities of DPP with the capability to successfully complete actions in the project implementation and operational phases.
    • Previous work experience in GCC countries/companies.
    • Experience in refinery operations/business is advantage.
Job Ref: 8658
Middle East

Project Manager

PROJECT MANAGER required by our client, to be hired on a permanent basis, located in the Middle East.
  • Head of the team in charge of the Petrochemical Project-Process Units Area throughout the various project development phases, starting from FEED, EPC Tender, EPC Execution, Commissioning, Start Up, and Performance Test Runs.
  • Manage the development of the Process Units, Design Cases, and the Scope of Requirement during the FEED.
  • Manage the development of the Steam Cracker, and other Process Units Technology Licenses Invitation to Tenders (ITT), Tender Clarifications, Tender Evaluations, and Recommendation of Award.
  • Overall project management including project engineering, project planning/scheduling, progress monitoring, budgeting, cost estimating, cost control, multi-discipline engineering co-ordination, project procurement support, document control and contract management.
  • Act as a technical generalist in a variety of disciplines including but not limited to equipment, civil, structural, piping, electrical, instrumentation, and mechanical.
  • Act as the overall coordinator for all internal and external engineering on projects as required. In this capacity, is responsible for the successful integration of the piping, equipment, civil/structural, instrument, and electrical design activities.
  • Develop EPC Contracts Acceptance of Work (work process & accountability/responsibility) Mechanical Completion, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, and Start Up till achievement of the Facility Initial Acceptance and Hand Over to DRPIC Operation & Maintenance.
  • Mentoring and development of new recruited engineers, and interns.
  • Complies with all relevant safety, quality, health and environmental procedures.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Process or Chemical, Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemistry, or Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from an accredited university.
  • A minimum of 15 years total engineering, or operation experience in developing Steam Cracker petrochemical facilities. Out of which at least 5 years in project management; engineering, construction commissioning, start up, and operation of Steam Cracker.
  • GCC Experience in Steam Cracker.  
Knowledge, Skills & Attributes
  • Possess a broad understanding of the major design engineering disciplines, i.e., Piping, Equipment, Process, Civil/Structural, Instrumentation, and Electrical.
  • Basic understanding of continuous flow chemical/physical processes typical of hydrocarbon processing, hydrogen production, and/or air separation.  
  • Effective leadership skills.
  • Effective computer skills; Microsoft Office Software and other Company and discipline specific software applications.
  • Effective communication skills both verbally and in writing with superiors, colleagues, and individuals inside and outside the Company.
  • Effective analytical and problem-solving skills.
Job Ref: 8653
Middle East

Sales Director Gas Solutions

SALES DIRECTOR GAS SOLUTIONS required by our Client, to be assigned on a Permanent basis, located in Houston, Texas.  
In this position - located in our Houston, Texas office - you will lead solution sales of state-of-the-art software products comprised of sophisticated SCADA control systems, gas distribution and transmission applications and support services.  
  • Generate business and sell our Clients automation and control systems and services for gas utility accounts.
  • Build and execute account plans to achieve sales goals and business unit growth.
  • Manage portfolio of accounts, identify & propose qualified accounts and establish list of target and strategic gas utility accounts.
  • Work closely with the development and engineering teams to create fit-for-purpose customer solutions.
  • Develop 3-year account plans including technical solutions, pricing strategy, revenue and profit targets.
  • Identify growth opportunities with each account to expand the business.
  • Conduct effective sales presentations addressing the business needs to the customer and propose value-added solutions.
  • Negotiate and close sales contracts.
  • Work with proposal and project delivery teams to ensure best in class technical and commercial offers to customers.
  • Develop and maintain knowledge of the market, trends and issues to effectively apply our C products and services to meet customer's unique business goals.
  • Bachelor's degree in engineering or equivalent experience.
  • 5+ years of proven direct sales experience in selling automation and control systems to combined utilities or gas utility customers including SCADA.
  • Strong network of combined utilities or gas utility company management involved in automation and control systems.
  • Demonstrated ability to sell into the market for oil & gas control systems and technologies.
  • Excellent sales skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Must be able to travel up to 50% of the time.
  • Master's degree in engineering or MBA.
  • 15-20 years of sales experience in combined utility and / or gas utility environment.
Job Ref: 8652
Houston, TX

General Manager

GENERAL MANAGER required by our client, to be hired on a contract basis, located in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
  • Provide leadership to transform current engineering department to be capable of executing Basic Engineering and Detailed Engineering of Chemical and Petrochemical facilities.
  • Refinery and Gas Processing facilities. Fertilizer facilities and infrastructure facilities. Provide leadership to manage the delivery of engineering services to customers.  
Reports to: Executive Vice President  
  • Transform current engineering department, to be capable of executing Basic Engineering and Detailed Engineering.
  • Increase management's effectiveness by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, coaches, counselling, and disciplining managers: communicating values, strategies and objectives: assigning accountabilities: planning, monitoring and appraising job results; developing incentives; developing a climate for offering information and opinions, encouraging innovative solutions and providing educational opportunities.
  • Ensure HSE has the highest priority in all activities undertaken by design and engineering personnel.
  • Develops strategic plan by studying technological and financial opportunities; presenting assumptions; recommending objectives.
  • Accomplishes objectives by establishing plans, budgets and results measurements: allocating resources; reviewing progress; making mid-course corrections.
  • Establishing engineering practices, engineering standards and coordinating actions with staff.
  • Develop, execute, supervise and coordinate all technical aspects of the work safely with primary focus on the integrity of the engineering and design while achieving schedule and budget objectives.
  • Plan and coordinate multi discipline engineering design assignments within and across disciplines, including multi discipline technical issues that has the potential to impact overall project progress.
  • Builds company image by collaborating with customers, government, community organisations, and employees: enforcing ethical business practices.
  • Maintains quality service by establishing and enforcing organisation standards.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks: benchmarking state of the art practices; participating in professional societies.
  • Ensure the execution of all engineering tasks with preparing the engineering execution plans for the engineering team.
  • Review with engineering section heads to address and resolve scope cost, and schedule impact issues as well as liaising with the to resolve technical issues.
  • Ensure to support the Project Managers in reviewing the project status of engineering and helping to implement corrective actions, reviewing and approving project forecasts, schedules, cost estimates, and major expenditures.
  • Ensure to support the project Manager in obtaining client approvals, and acceptance of the plant, coordinating completion of the final project documents, and enhancing working relations with the client.
  • Assist the proposal group for the reparation of project cost estimate proposal.
  • Ensure all required engineering tools and software are available within the department.
  • Participates in formulating & administering company policies, directing & coordinating all divisional department activities to develop and implement long-range goals & objectives to meet business profitability growth objectives.
  • Plan and develop department annual budget and control expenditures aligned with it.
  • Set strategy for Projects Engineering & Services (PE) department.
  • Ensure sharing of best practices across all E&PM functions.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards of local authorities.
  • Monitor staff day to day activities and manage performance measurements for the area of responsibilities.
  • Ensure that career path(s) for self and other staff have been fully developed are being implemented/ followed according to plan.
  • Reviews and approval of budgetary and actual department expenditures.
  • Reviews, updates and implements business strategic planning.
  • Review analyses of activities, costs, and operations and forecast data to determine department/division progress toward stated goals and objectives.
  • Maintain a well systematize operation of the projects Engineering &Services by addressing all issues and concerns according to priorities.
  • Build and maintain teamwork to best achieve strategic targets excellently.
  • Ensure proper staffing level and quality to provide necessary support to E&PM under area of responsibility.
  • Managing Knowledge Management Centre's functions & meeting management's expectations and satisfaction.
  • Project skill development, establish standard required for each member.
  • Conduct employee capability gap analysis, pre-qualification and Ranking.
  • Hiring of high calibre engineering professionals.
  • BS degree in an engineering subject.
  • Minimum 20 years' experience with recognised international EPC contractors in green and brown field facilities in the petrochemical, Chemical and fertilizer industry.
  • Experience in transforming current engineering assurance set up to an engineering set up capable of performing Basic Engineering and Detailed Engineering.
  • Experience as Engineering Manager to execute complete cycle (basic engineering and detailed engineering including construction and pre-commissioning and commissioning support) of green/ brown field projects.
Job Ref: 8646
Saudi Arabia

Turnover Coordinator

Turnover Coordinator required by our client, to be hired on a contract basis, Located in Gulf of Mexico, USA.  
Duration: 21 Months  
Position Scope  
  • Primarily responsible for coordinating all construction checkout and punch list items for Turnover from Construction Team to SC team.
  • Facilitates punch list meetings and verification of completed punch list items.
  • Responsible for the generation and review of the Turnover Completion Packages with Operations as well as collection of signatures among the Operations Team.
  • Interfacing with other project & SC disciplines for generation of Turnover Completion Packages.
  • Responsible for coordinating resolution of conflicts or discrepancies associated with the Turnover Completions Packages.
  • Fluency to navigate through and extract required information from various document systems and databases including, but not limited to:
  • Systems Completion databases.
  • Document Management Systems.
  • 5 - 10 years of experience.
  • Experience interfacing with and supporting Operations a plus.
Job Ref: 8645
Gulf of Mexico, USA

Senior E,I&C Engineer

SENIOR EI&C ENGINEER required for our Client, to be assigned on a Contract basis, located in Trinidad.  
Duration: 12 months ongoing  
This role is responsible for Electrical and Instrument Engineering technical direction and assurance for our customer including system integration and engineering focus areas and ensures that deliverables are performed in a safe manner.  
  • Provides technical guidance and assurance of all Electrical and Instrumentation discipline activities
  • Ensures that project functional specification and requirements are delivered
  • Review and approve the E&I scopes within projects
  • Provide technical input to risk assessments, Management of Change reviews, and project reviews
  • Maintain technical integrity for safe and reliable operation through informed application of industry codes and standards.
  • Provide input to Controls and Automation scope for process control modifications
  • Provide input to Electrical scopes for modifications to any asset's electrical infrastructure
  • Participate in HAZOPs and Risk Assessments associated with the Project
  • Manage project scopes to ensure that there is no unauthorized deviation from or increase in scope
  • Provide technical advice and assistance to the project and operations teams as required during the execution of projects
  • Ensure that E&I scopes are scheduled and executed in a logical and efficient manner
  • Technical query resolution
  • Technical risk management and mitigation
  • Maintains a working knowledge of all relevant codes, standards, and regulations that pertain to project Electrical equipment and systems
  • Ensures S&OR Electrical and Instrument/Automation ETAs are actively involved in the project and is consulted on technical issues
  • Ensure engineering quality is delivered
  • BS or MS in related field or applicable discipline.
  • 8+ years of experience in field.
  • Relevant professional registration is preferred.
  • Must have strong general experience with electrical systems, generation, switchgear, protection, EIT Building design and layout, lighting & equipment design
  • Substantial experience in Oil & Gas industry and/or Petroleum Industry (both onshore and offshore)
  • Proficient with engineering software applications.
  • Deep discipline expertise with good track record of multi discipline integration
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Accuracy and attention to detail important. Ability to meet deadlines and manage priorities is important.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Commitment to customer service and ability to work in a team-oriented environment.
  • Ability to maintain confidential information is critical.
Job Ref: 8640

Mechanical Rotating Engineer

  • MECHANICAL ROTATING ENGINEER required by our client, to be hired on a Contract basis, located in Texas, USA.
Duration: 21 Months
Reports to: Plant Manager.
  • The role will be primarily responsible for troubleshooting, maintenance and operation, equipment reliability, management of rotating equipment maintenance plans.
  • Will act as a discipline engineering lead: manage technical team for the discipline, provides expertise in defining technical requirements and complete design.
  • Monitors the proper operation of mechanical equipment.
  • Ensures proper maintenance to maximize reliability.
  • Oversees the installation and maintenance of mechanical equipment.
  • Prepares designs, specifications and technical documentation for mechanical engineering projects.
  • Designs mechanical equipment by interpreting process design.
  • Participates in the selection of suppliers and contractors.
  • Performs the evaluation and inspection of mechanical engineering projects to ensure that standards and requirements are met.
  • Reviews vendor design and documentation.
  • Tests the functionality of mechanical equipment.
  • Works with engineering support and equipment providers to address equipment shortfalls; recommends modifications.
  • Performs engineering duties; develops, designs, and tests mechanical devices.
  • Writes technical reports, handbooks, and bulletins for use by staff or customers.
  • Estimates time and cost to complete projects.
  • Researches designs and makes recommendations based on appearance, safety, budget, and function.
  • Experience on Dresser, Siemens and Demag compressors is a must  
  • Experience of polyolefin solid handling equipment (mixers, screws, gear pumps, palletisation system).
  • Knowledge of seal systems and slurry system is a plus.
  • Must have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the design of chemical plants and refineries, including furnaces, gas turbines, steam turbine design and thermal and combined cycle power plant system design.
  • A Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering is required and a PE License is strongly preferred.
Job Ref: 8636
La Porte, USA

Senior E&I Estimator

SENIOR ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENTATION ESTIMATOR required by our Client, to be assigned on a Permanent basis, located in Odessa, TX.
Prepare and take ownership for cost estimating of bids and project proposals, identifying risk, opportunities, and maintaining a winning strategy.
  • Prepare detailed estimates in accordance with the scope of work, blueprints, specifications, and other documentation to prepare quantity take-offs, determining manpower, equipment requirements, material items and subcontractors
  • Solicit quotes from material and equipment suppliers, subcontractors, and specified manufacturers
  • Distributes and maintains control of bid documents
  • Identifies special requirements for weather protection, cranes, hoists, temporary facilities and services
  • Ensures that all bid forms are completed and properly executed
  • Reviews labor costs and applicable licensing requirements
  • Schedules and conducts bid review meeting with the Division Manager, Estimating Manager, and/or business line management to finalize bid, markup and bid strategies
  • Ability to manage large volume of estimates and coordinate with other employees during bid process on large proposals
  • 8+ years experience with industrial electrical and instrumentation estimating
  • Competitive bid experience up to $20M in the petro-chemical, power, gas processing, refining and other heavy industrial facilities
  • Electrical and Instrumentation field experience highly preferred
  • Advanced knowledge or estimating strategies and techniques
  • Specific knowledge of the following areas are required for the position:
  • High Voltage/Medium Voltage systems including electrical testing of HV/MV cable
  • Electrical equipment including electrical substations, MCC, and switchgear
  • Raceways including cable tray, conduit, bus duct, and flex connections
  • Area classifications such as explosion proof and the impact on the estimate
  • Underground electrical installations including duct banks, direct bury cable, and grounding systems (and associated excavation/concrete/man holes/pull stations)
  • Control systems including PLC, DCS, Fiber Optics, instruments, and control logic
  • Heat trace systems including wiring and controls
  • Ability to conceptualize estimates without complete information
  • Thorough understanding of construction industry practices, processes, and standards and their impact on project activities
  • Knowledge of estimating software programs
  • Occasional travel required
  • Good written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Mentoring and training of Junior staff
  • Professional, ethical, and team player willing to grow with the company
Job Ref: 8631
Odessa, USA

Works Manager

WORKS MANAGER required by our client, to be hired on permanent basis, located in Belgium.  
  • You will be responsible for the technical implementation of our marine projects in support of the project manager.
  • You will monitor the progress of projects, assist in the coordination of the work on site, and optimise and correct if necessary.
  • You will report about budget and cost control in close collaboration with the project manager.
  • You are qualified (Bachelor or Master) in civil or industrial engineering in electromechanical engineering or construction.
  • You are particularly interested in complex marine projects.
  • You are experienced in working on hydraulic engineering, construction projects or large marine works.
  • Experience in the installation of offshore structures is an asset.
  • You are able to express yourself fluently in English. You are prepared to work abroad.
Job Ref: 8584

Project Engineer

PROJECT ENGINEER required by our client, to be hired on a permanent basis, located in Belgium.
  • You are part of a team working on the realization of our offshore drilling and installation projects.
  • You apply your experience in a maritime environment.
  • You support the project manager by following up on the project progress.
  • You assist in the coordination of on-site activities, optimize the execution of the works and correct them if necessary.
  • You attend to reporting and budget and cost control.
  • You are a qualified engineer or have equivalent experience.
  • You are experienced in drilling or offshore installation works.
  • You speak and write English and German fluently. The knowledge of other foreign languages is an asset.
  • You are flexible and willing to work abroad, both in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
Job Ref: 8582

Project Manager

Project Manager  required by our client, to be hired on a permanent basis, located in Belgium.
  • You manage diverse aspects of the project
  • submission of tenders
  • cost calculation
  • contract negotiation
  • discussing contractual and commercial aspects, until realization on site.
  • You also create the design of the installations on a mechanical level.
  • You work in close cooperation with our clients, mostly local authorities.
  • You implement the project in accordance with the specifications and the contractual conditions.
  • You pursue an efficient way of working with our support services
  • You are a qualified Civil Engineer, preferable with a specialization in mechanics.
  • You have at least 5 years of experience, handling with complex hydraulic engineering projects within the process industry.
  • You speak and write English and German fluently.
  • The knowledge of other foreign languages is an asset.
  • You are able to work independently and you are a problem-solver by nature.
  • You have a hands-on mentality and value teamwork.
  • You are prepared to work abroad.           
Job Ref: 8581

Business Development Consultant

Do you like to meet people, do you like to interact with a large variety of nationalities and profiles?  
Are you an independent character, a dynamic person?
And finally, regardless of your education background (we will train you!), interested by large industrial projects?
If you just answered YES to those 3 questions, we probably have a great opportunity for you.  
This is a outstanding opportunity to join the VINCI group that is present in over 100 countries with office locations located in the US, UK, Asia and Australia which provide an excellent platform for our clients to successfully develop and execute Oil and Gas, Renewable Energies and large-scale infrastructure projects.
Mentor IMC Group offers more than 28 years' global experience as an engineering industry exclusive, project management resource consultancy.  
We are looking for candidates who are highly motivated, driven and have the ambition to succeed in a dynamic organisation that promotes independence, responsibility and empowerment.
With excellent mentoring in an open and non-hierarchical environment, we expect your career to flourish, with opportunities to grow within the group both nationally and internationally
Sales/Business Development Consultant required in Mentor's Houston office (close to the Galleria)  
The primary objective of the Sales/Business Development Consultant will be to assist in the business development and sales of Project related Resource Services encompassing:
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operation and Maintenance
The Sales/Business Development Consultant would be responsible for identifying and establishing key long-term relationship with clients primarily in the Oil and Gas, Renewable Energies and large scale infrastructure industries.
The range of personnel to be re sourced by a skilled and pro active resource team that will support your endeavours will be professional directors, managers, engineers and technical and commercial support disciplines both on a temporary (contract) and permanent placement basis.
The Sales/Business Development Consultant will report to the Company's US country manager and will generate new business leads on a primarily a US basis.  
In 2014 Mentor IMC Group was acquired by VINCI Energies (part of the Vinci Group). With 64,000 employees and revenue of €9 billion, VINCI Energies is a European market leader in energy and information technology services. VINCI ( is a global player in concessions and construction, employing close to 194,000 people in some 100 countries.  
Job Ref: 8579
Houston, USA

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