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Senior Authorised Person

SENIOR AUTHORISED PERSON required by our Client, an International Renewable Energy Contractor, to be assigned on a Contract basis, located Offshore Germany.    
Duration: 12 Months    
Implementing & supervising all aspects of electrical safety, HV Commissioning & Energisation Offshore, under the direction of the Lead Senior Authorised Person    
Reports to: Lead Senior Authorised Person
  • Senior Authorised Person for the implementation of 'Safety from the System' as defined within the Project Electrical Safety Rules. Being an authorised operator of the high-voltage system, responsible for the safe operation of the High Voltage System, including the management of the Safe Rules implementation, to ensure all works carried out within the project covered by the High Voltage Safety Rules are completed in a Safe and efficient manner.  
  • Responsible for delivering 'Safety from the System' in line with ArbSchG BGV A1, BGV A3, DIN VDE 1000-10 standards.
  • Responsible for the Authorised Person's and operational technicians, ensuring that they have clear instruction for work on and adjacent to the high voltage systems as all times.
  • Day-to-day operation of the offshore substation platform, in association with the Lead Senior Authorised Person, during construction phase, interim operational phase and final hand-over to Generation.
  • Coordination of the Control Function within the project, to ensure that all works are correctly logged and documented, and that all Safety Documents are implemented in the correct and safe manner as required by the safety rules.
  • Implementing the Back Energisation procedures and switching schedules to energise the wind farm in line with the Lead Senior Authorised Persons requirements.
  • Coordinating testing, commissioning and energisation of all offshore submersible cabling, under the direction of the Lead Senior Authorised Person.
Job Ref: 8431

Principal Estimator

PRINCIPAL ESTIMATOR required by our Client, an International Oil and Gas Operator, to be assigned on a Contract basis, located in Houston, TX.  
Duration: 12 months ongoing
The Principal Estimator is responsible for ensuring that best practices are applied to project work breakdown structure and cost estimate preparation, cost control and reporting.  The incumbent will contribute to and actively participate in resource and productivity estimating, review of tenders and quotes and change orders.  The position will work closely with the Project Planner/Scheduler as well as with the Project Engineers to develop robust project cost estimate, control and reporting outcomes.
  • Applies robust project cost estimating, control and reporting practices and the Value Process (AVP) principles for cost engineering.
  • Works with Project Engineers to ensure the definition of the project scope in a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • In conjunction with Project Engineers, leads the development and validation of cost estimates, resource estimates, productivity estimates and budgets for all Portfolio Projects from a conceptual (Appraise) stage using our Clients' and industry standard Cost Estimating norms.
  • Uses the Earned Value Management (EVM) method of cost estimating and performance monitoring, reporting and controlling.
  • Develops and maintains an WBS, cost estimating, control and reporting system for application to all our Client's Engineering projects.
  • Develops and maintains an Cost Estimating Rate Book, based on Gulf Coast, Industry and norms.
  • Develops control estimates and budgets (annual and multi-year) and ensures these reflect the approved project scope.
  • Develops and maintains cost information in a cost reporting database.
  • Develops monthly expenditure and commitment forecasts in conjunction with Project Engineers.
  • Analyses recent historical actual costs to produce cost rates for future estimates.
  • Develops and maintains cost trend analysis and reports.
  • Identifies areas of project cost reductions, and communicates these to Project Engineers.
  • Undertakes cost risk analyses on major projects using Monte Carlo analysis methods.
  • Supports preparation of advance commitment or full funding estimates and budgets.
  • Examines and evaluates the Contractor's cost control organization, plans, procedures and performance.
  • Reviews contractor estimates for completeness and accuracy.
  • Forecasts and report costs and schedule for all project phases from inception to closeout and manages this information using project management software.
  • Coaches the Project Engineers to develop their ability to produce basic project cost estimates.
  • Conducts briefing sessions for project team members with respect to cost control requirements and processes.
  • Rolls up cost estimates across many projects as well as does cost analysis across projects to identify potential cost savings.
  • Generates and maintains current cost curves for all projects.
  • Assists with the recasting of the WBS cost estimate into a control budget and monitoring commitments, incurred costs, expenditures and variances through all phases of the project.
  • Supports Project Engineers and Procurement Officers in commercial bid evaluations (as required).
  • Compares cost information maintained by the Project Controls Group to that maintained by Finance Department to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Identifies and analyses differences in project control reporting and proposes resolutions to mitigate such differences in the future.
  • Proposes modifications to our Client's code of accounts as required for future adoption.
  • Cooperates with audit activities with respect to project cost controls.
  • Cooperates in ensuring that the workplace is safe for everyone and takes reasonable care to ensure that nothing is done to endanger self or others or cause avoidable damage to the environment.
  • Demonstrates adherence to our Client's HSSE policies and procedures by exhibiting the required behaviors.
  • Performs any other related duties as assigned by the Supervisor.
Operating environment:  
  • The jobholder operates in a high volume, fast paced, technically complex project environment. The jobholder will have to ensure that all documentation and work processes are completed within the priority given. Priority of work tasks will change pending operational urgency to reach completion. Planning and organizing of not only
  • personal time but also team interaction will be a critical factor to reach completion of all requirements. Extended hours may sometimes be required if deliverables are to be completed within targeted timelines.
Framework and boundaries:  
The jobholder operates within our Client's overarching guidelines, policies and procedures as well as the Code of Ethics.  He/She also functions within the working constraints of an operating process plant complex and is required to schedule activities taking account of major operational and maintenance factors. Directions will be minimal as the jobholder will be expected to work on a self-starting and self-motivated basis.  Guidance will be sought from the Supervisor on non-routine and complex matters.
  • Thorough knowledge of project cost control principles
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong coaching skills
  • Excellent team skills
  • Strong report writing skills
  • Confidentiality and integrity
  • Knowledge of the stage gate process for major project development.
  • Knowledge of cost risk analysis.
  • Competence in the Microsoft Office Suite, including MS Project  
Knowledge and Experience
  • The incumbent will be a seasoned cost estimator with a minimum of fifteen (15) years experience in multidiscipline hydrocarbon or petrochemical plant industry cost estimating, control and reporting functions.  
  • A cost engineering certification such as Certified Cost Engineer from AACE or other relevant qualification an advantage.
  • Experience with Primavera an advantage.
Job challenge(s):
The job holder must be able to adapt to a dynamic environment with varied workloads, schedules and deliverables.  A significant challenge will be the ability to satisfy the estimate accuracy and completeness needs of a variety of customers while delivering within tight deadlines
Additional information:  
The Project Cost Estimator will be required to coach Project Engineers on cost estimating control and reporting so that they can cover the role during absences
Job Ref: 8450
Houston, TX

Mechanical Estimator

MECHANICAL ESTIMATOR required by our Client, an international Oil and Gas Contractor to be assigned on a Permanent basis, located in Arlington, Virginia.    
This position is responsible for complying with estimating procedures when developing project estimates. The individual will participate in improving techniques for estimating. In this role, the individual acts autonomously on small to mid-sized projects. The individual may also be responsible for providing estimating support on larger projects. At this position, requires moderate supervision when developing Direct, Indirect, and Services cost estimates. This position will require some supervision when developing estimates for Escalation, Contingency, and Other costs.  
  • Develop the estimate plan and coordinate estimate development with the project team, including preparation of the Estimate Schedule
  • Utilize estimating methods and the expertise of other project professionals to establish total project estimates
  • Engage in direct contact with other functional areas, including client and field contractors
  • Maintain and support the office estimating database and information such as escalation indices, rate of exchange variation, productivity, etc.
  • Plan and organize own work assignments, as well as carry out tasks from management staff
  • Other duties as assigned
Basic Job Requirements  
  • Accredited four (4) year degree or global equivalent in applicable field of study and eight (8) years of workrelated experience or a combination of education and directly related experience equal to twelve (12) years if non-degreed; some locations may have additional or different qualifications in order to comply with local requirements
  • Ability to communicate effectively with audiences that include but are not limited to management, coworkers, clients, vendors, contractors, and visitors; Job related technical knowledge necessary to complete the job
Other Job Requirements  
  • Extensive experience with firm fixed price construction projects in the federal market.
  • Stay abreast of current estimating techniques by maintaining expertise through the numerous opportunities provided by professional organizations or by networking with other estimating specialists within the engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction/construction management (EPFC/CM) industry
  • Be knowledgeable about business line specific rates to be applied in estimates
  • Be active in knowledge management portals and communities with regard to forum questions and discussions
  • Be knowledgeable about the benefits of Cost Competitive Execution, Excel to Win, Business Risk Management Framework (BRMF) and Strategy to Win; actively promote innovative ideas and solutions
  • Should be involved with an Estimating professional society
  • Minimum of zero (0) years of experience using any of the Clients Estimating Systems or three(3) years of experience using Industry recognized estimating systems
  • Minimum of two (2) years of field experience, preferably in project controls, construction, contracts, or estimating
  • Demonstrate technical ability, combined with communicative skills, to lead estimate development
  • Knowledgeable about Lump Sum and/or Cost Reimbursable estimating
  • Knowledgeable about Self-Perform and/or Construction Management Execution
  • Knowledgeable about internal Cost Systems, Progressing Systems, Level I and II Schedules, Work Breakdown Structures and Project Status Reports
  • Recognized as being proficient and requiring minimum supervision in the following areas: Direct Field Costs, Indirect Field Costs, Services Costs, Comparison Analyst, Benchmarking and Unit Rates for Key Commodities, Estimate Plan, Basis of Estimate, Use of Allowances, Cost Contingency, Input into and Use of Historical Data (EMS - Experience Management System), Productivity Worksheets, Craft Mix and Crew Mix, Escalation
  • Recognized as being familiar, but requiring guidance and supervision in the following areas: Expatriate Policy Costs, Data Analyst, Input of Estimate into Global Pricing Model's Template, Input and Use of Business Risk Management Framework (BRMF), Selling an Estimate, Currency fluctuation, tax & insurance costs, and performance bonds & letter of credit costs
  • Good analytical and computer skills
  • US Citizen or permanent resident
Job Ref: 8446
Arlington, Virginia

Lead Commissioning Superintendent

LEAD COMMISSIONING SUPERINTENDENT required by our Client, an International Oil and Gas Contractor, to be assigned on a Contract basis located in Houston, Texas.    
Durations: 12 months on-going  
  • Supervises the implementation of the approved management and operational plan for the Pre-Commissioning, commissioning, and start-up of the plant through performance testing and plant acceptance.
  • Assists in defining the manpower requirements of the Home office and Site Commissioning activities.
  • Develops of pre-commissioning, commissioning and project completion schedules and supervises its implementation.  
  • Defines the Start-Up and Commissioning Group's activities based on the agreed project scope of work.
  • Supervises the implementation of activities related to the pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, operation and maintenance during the course of the project.
  • Supervises the activities of Sub-Contract, Supplier Servicemen and client personnel assigned to work under his supervision until plant acceptance.
  • Participates in the review of engineering documentation during Home office activities.
  • Supervises the development of Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-Up procedures.
  • Interfaces with Construction and the Client, as required.
  • Participates in the development of the training program for all employees under his supervision and for Client personnel as required.
  • Interfaces with all local agencies, as needed, to facilitate all required approvals and in ensuring the smooth and the successful commissioning, start-up and operation of the Facility.
  • Implements procedures to deliver the overall safety of the Facility and its personnel.
  • Provides input to the “lesson learned” database.
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in a Lead Superintendent role on major LNG EPC Projects.
  • Preference is to have experience in the APCI process.
  • Must be a self starter with excellent organizational and communication skills.
Job Ref: 8445
Houston, TX

Director of Insulation and Scaffolding

DIRECTOR - INSULATION & SCAFFOLDING required for our Client, an Oil and Gas Contractor, to be assigned on a Permanent basis, located in Odessa / Houston TX.  
Director of Insulation and Scaffolding Services will manage a large portfolio of projects both in support of our internal construction projects as well as I&S only projects directly with the clients. This position is responsible for directing, managing, developing, communicating and implementing company's direction and strategic goals.  
  • Responsible for all service line activities which currently include insulation, scaffolding, fireproofing, refractory and heat tracing
  • Responsible for working with and supporting all construction business lines in various industries and geographic locations
  • Lead the strategic planning activities for the Insulation and Scaffolding Operations
  • Responsible for creating overhead budgets and managing costs throughout the year
  • Provide leadership, management and vision to ensure the necessary operational controls, reporting procedures and safety practices are in place to execute heavy industrial projects successfully and efficiently
  • Participate in business development activities and promote productive client relationships for all projects
  • Support negotiations with clients in matters relating to project commitments
  • Ensures management of projects result in projects executed in accordance with contract terms
  • Develops/implements policies, procedures and methods
  • Effectively interface and collaborate with senior operational management
  • Assume P&L responsibility
  • Assume lead role in operational planning at a senior level
  • Report to senior management regarding the successful operation of all services provided to clients.
  • Coordinate mobilization/demobilization dates with customer and Construction Manager
  • Capable of reviewing RFQ packages, determining scope, performing piping and equipment takeoffs and preparing costs for proposals.
  • Participate in bid reviews with the estimating team prior to submittal
  • Experience in EPC projects from a conceptual standpoint.
  • Responsible to hold the I&S team accountable for:
  • Conducting monthly project reviews with the customer
  • Closing out all open vendor PO's upon completion of the projects
  • Coordinating/Reviewing field construction progress with Project Coordinator, Construction Manager and Project Superintendent
  • Ensuring proper documents are submitted to the customer
  • Ensuring Bill of Materials is created and managed throughout the project
  • Managing vendors/ subcontractors to minimize cost of materials and freight
  • Overseeing vendor/ subcontractor's PO's/ subcontracts and reviewing invoices
  • Ensuring schedule of releases are being updated and reported
  • Monitoring project controls to ensure that we consistently beat our estimates
  • Establishing schedule and manpower loading forecasts.
  • Monitoring/updating earned and spent value on labor, materials, consumables, etc. for weekly project reviews.
  • Other duties as assigned
  • 10-15 years of experience in the construction business, much of which has been in the industry with direct responsibility for the work activities.
  • 15 years of experience having full responsibility for multiple construction jobs in the industrial insulation and scaffolding fields
  • Extensive knowledge in International Codes and Standards related to insulation and inspection
  • Demonstrated success as a leader with initiative and vision
  • Effectively working with senior operational management
  • Experience managing and operating with operational disciplines including projects, construction, procurement and engineering
  • Extensive experience in operational planning in a management role
  • Ability to lead proposal activities
  • Flexibility to manage multiple projects throughout the US
Job Ref: 8346
Odessa / Houston, TX

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